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Making Healthy Food Convenient; Part 2

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Making Healthy Food Convenient; Part 2 (c) by Emily Boller   Last week, I explained how to make bean dips, bean spreads, and hummus convenient and inexpensive. Making Healthy Food Convenient; Part 1 Let’s face it, one of the reasons why “fast food” read more

Radical Versus Middle-of-the-Road

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Radical Versus Middle-of-the-Road (c) by Emily Boller   Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah, Georgia     Photo credit: Emily Boller   “The distinction between permissible and beneficial is the difference between good and great. Don’t settle for what’s permissi read more

Making Healthy Food Convenient

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  Making Healthy Food Convenient; Part I (c) by Emily Boller   I raised five children in the fast lane of soccer games, dance practices and performances, and a myriad of activities that required this mother to spend more time behind the steering wheel of a van read more

I Am Not a Suicide Loss Survivor

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I Am Not a Suicide Loss Survivor (c) by Emily Boller   Photo credit: Yaro Photography   September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and for the next thirty days my Facebook newsfeed will be inundated with articles related to the topic. Unfortunat read more

A Bowl Full of Life

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My daughter recently made a scrumptious meal-in-a-bowl for my lunch. It was fabulous-tasting! Each ingredient was also full of life-giving, nutrient-dense foods that fuel the body with everything needed for optimal health and well-being. Life in a Bowl (makes four servi read more

The Beauty of Horticulture

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It is the end of August in Northeastern Indiana. I sauntered throughout our property this morning to soak up the visual beauty and sweet fragrances of horticulture–God’s gift to the world. I took the following pictures during my stroll (except for the baby c read more

Anyone Can Learn to Draw

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Rosiland & The Way photography composition by Yaro Photography / drawing (c) by Emily Boller ___________________________   Earlier this week, my son-in-law asked if I would have time to sketch a “gesture drawing.” He’s in a band (Rosiland & read more

Canning Day

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Canning Day (c) by Emily Boller   Yesterday was my first official canning day. I picked tomatoes the night before–enough to fill a large laundry basket, a mixing bowl, and partially fill a Rubbermaid tub. My friend, Audrey, had taught herself how to can tomat read more

Let’s Set the Record Straight

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Let’s Set the Record Straight (c) by Emily Boller In recent years, there have been some misconceptions floating around cyberspace, and today I want to set the record straight. Many Americans have food addictions; dependency on, and entanglements to high-fat/high-salt pr read more

Why a Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work for Some People

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Why a Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work for Some People (c) by Emily Boller   Plant based eating has made big waves in recent years. The popular trend today is “going meatless.” Going meatless for health. Going meatless on Mondays. Going meatless for a Lenten sea read more