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Why a Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work

Posted by on 11:34 am in Food addiction recovery | 6 comments

Why a Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work (c) by Emily Boller   Plant based eating has made big waves in recent years. The popular trend today is “going meatless.” Going meatless for health. Going meatless on Mondays. Going meatless for a Lenten season. Going meatl read more

Tomatoes Galore for $3.98

Posted by on 2:47 pm in nutrition | 2 comments

Three months ago I bought a couple packs of tomato seeds for $3.98. I planted the seeds in trays of soil and then placed them in a window that faced the sun. Two weeks later, when they had sprouted to two inches tall, I transferred the seedlings to my garden. I was able read more

Immediately After a Suicide (or Any Sudden Death)

Posted by on 8:26 pm in suicide bereavement | 2 comments

I’m posting the following writing on my blog, because unfortunately, I get asked frequently about how to help a family after a suicide. (My son died by suicide in 2012 at the age of 21.)  I wrote this article and posted it to my Facebook wall a while back. Soon th read more

The Powerful Freedom of Abstinence

Posted by on 3:07 pm in Food addiction recovery | 12 comments

Per someone’s request, I’m going to share a post that I wrote years ago about abstinence. I wrote it soon after losing one hundred pounds – way before I ever learned about the science of food addiction, dopamine receptors, and the addictive power of metabolic wastes. Di read more


Posted by on 10:11 pm in Food addiction recovery | 2 comments

In my first post, “Breaking the Silence,” I explained how I became a blogger who specialized in topics related to food addiction recovery — and then why I became silent. Before I delve into how to escape food addiction, I want to introduce myself a bit read more

Breaking the Silence

Posted by on 7:18 pm in Food addiction recovery | 38 comments

  Today, I’m breaking the silence. I was a weekly blogger for Joel Fuhrman, M.D. for nearly five years; and then in 2014, I just couldn’t write or speak publicly anymore. I had hit a wall. On Memorial Day, 2012, my 21-year-old son had died by suicide, a read more