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The Beauty of Horticulture

Posted on Aug 25, 2017 by in horticulture | 4 comments

It is the end of August in Northeastern Indiana. I sauntered throughout our property this morning to soaup the visual beauty and sweet fragrances of horticulture–God’s gift to the world.

I shot pictures during my stroll (except for the baby collard seedlings uploaded directly below). With great excitement, I snapped that picture the first morning they sprouted, because watching plants grow is magical and never gets old to me!


These are baby collard seedlings on the first day they sprouted above the soil.



The colored pencils are marking newly-planted kale seedlings that I put in the ground last night. I mark where the seedlings are located so they don’t get trampled. I’ve harvested a large dishpan full of kale and collard greens since early June. These new plants will be for the fall, and then I will plant more in early October.  We will be eating fresh kale and collard greens through January. Not a bad investment for five dollars worth of seeds!



 More tomatoes that I picked last night that will soon be ready for another round of canning.


In 2002, I bought one hundred baby hosta plants for twenty-five dollars from a seed catalog. From those plants, I’ve continued to transplant hostas throughout our property. By this time of year, their lavender or white flowers gives off a fragrance that saturates the air with a sweet aroma.



The view of our backyard this time of year from our kitchen/eating area.



Our pond that provided many hours of fishing when our children were younger. In the early mornings, a mysterious, fog-like mist hovers over it. More than twenty-two years ago, on the first morning we woke up here, a three-legged deer hobbled across the yard as the mist rose from the pond in the background. It was a gorgeous sight that I will never forget.



Sixteen years ago, for my fortieth birthday, my dad planted a small apple orchard as a gift to commemorate the special occasion. This year is a bumper crop.


How about you–do you take time to stroll through nature and soak up its sights, sounds, and smells?

Please take a moment to share with us a glimpse of what you are enjoying this time of year from your part of the world.

Blessings to all!

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  1. These are beautiful photos of he bounty of nature. What a wonderful gift the apple orchard is from your father that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.

    • Thank you, Rosalie. The deer enjoy the apples that fall from those trees too. In the early mornings, they can be seen snacking on them!

  2. Hi Emily–
    Thank you for sharing the bounty and beauty of your garden and home at this time of year. It’s inspiring in so many ways! Love yo you and the family.

    • Thank you, Lisa. I enjoy the quiet serenity of nature–it refreshes me often

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