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Public Speaking

Championing Street Smarts for Healthy Living


— passionate about helping you become the work of art you were created to be —


credit: Dr. Fuhrman’s “Immersion Excursion” DVD

” . . . Emily is now a scholar in this field of health transformations . . “


Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Board Certified Family Physician specializing in Nutritional Medicine

Six times NY Times Best Selling Author


credit: James River Church, Springfield, MO

” . . . her writings and presentations are engaging, authentic,

and applicable for today’s culture . . . “


Ken Hood, Wellness Pastor at James River Church, Springfield, MO



As a result of what Emily has learned in the School of Hard Knocks — combined with four years of working as a blogger and speaker for Joel Fuhrman, M.D. — she combines practical, no nonsense tips with easy to understand science to help anyone escape the powerful grip of food addiction.

Emily is an alumna of the Nutritarian Education Institute where she completed the certificate programs in Basic Nutrition and The Science of the Nutritarian Diet.

She also has reared five children, so she understands the challenges of living healthy in a culture bent on eating disease-promoting and addictive foods.

Additionally, as a result of experiencing the death of one of her children by suicide, she knows firsthand the impact of trauma and grief on addiction recovery.

To learn more, please click on “Breaking the Silence.”


“Emily Boller is a great example of identifying and gaining victory

over some monumental issues in her life.


She has embodied the theme of

‘Not Somehow, But Triumphantly.'”


Carl Sovine, Ph.D.

Fort Wayne, IN

Video clips of Emily speaking

The Dr. Oz Show

credit: The Dr. Oz Show

Food Addiction

credit: James River Church

Speaking Topics

“Emily’s passion for health doesn’t stop at her own front door.

She has brought healthy eating to church groups,

and she’s encouraged untold numbers of individuals to embrace health

and find their way to freedom from food addiction and illness too.”


The Rev. Susan Gilbert Zencka, D.Min.

Frame Memorial Presbyterian Church

Stevens Point, WI



A personal note from Emily:

Today, I speak because I wholeheartedly wish there had been information on escaping food addiction when I was a kid.

It would have been helpful to me and to those in my circle of influence: parents, teachers, coaches, ministers, youth workers, camp counselors, physicians, friends, and my future husband.

It would have been priceless information that could’ve possibly saved me and my then-and-future family many years of needless pain and suffering.

My presentations can be customized to fit a wide spectrum of ages and demographics. Also, ample opportunity will be provided for Q & A’s and personal interaction afterward.



Topics Related to Food Addiction Recovery:


What is Food Addiction and How to Successfully Escape It

Set Yourself Up for Success; Practical Tips and Simple Recipes

The Powerful Freedom of Abstinence

The Refrigerator is Never the Solution

Help! I’m a Mother Addicted to Food

Never Give Up; Gentle Care Through Hard Times

The Benefits of Support and Spiritual Care in Addiction Recovery




Topics Related to Healthy Eating:


Let’s Get Healthy! (inspiration for congregations)

Delicious Meals: Food Prep and Cooking Shortcuts — Making Healthy Eating Convenient (live demonstration)

Disease Proof Children for the Best Life Possible (for parents, teachers, children’s and youth ministers)

Encouragement for Those Who Lead (inspiration for all levels of leaders)

Shepherding Congregations to Health (inspiration for ministers)




Miscellaneous Topics:


How to Support a Family Through the Aftermath of Suicide

God is Close to the Brokenhearted / and Practical Helps for Healing a Broken Heart

Even When I Walk Through the Dark Valley, God is With Me

Gardening for Beginners (hands on workshop)

How to Develop a Child’s Creativity

What You Need to Know if You’re the Parent of an Artistically Gifted Child

Anyone Can Learn to Draw — Including Adults! (hands on workshop)

Making Corn Husks Dolls (hands on workshop for fall retreats)

Painting for Pleasure (hands on workshop)

The Role of Banners for Worship Services and How to Make Them


After graduating from college, I accepted the position of Arts and Crafts Director for Spring Hill Camps, a year round camp and conference center in Northern Michigan.


I orchestrated the arts and crafts program for 10,000 summer campers and taught workshops for the various men’s and women’s retreats.


What a contrast.


The children had a natural freedom to explore creativity, whereas the majority of adults were fearful of exploration and making mistakes.


This fear severely limited them.


As a result of that experience, I am passionate about releasing the God given, artistic talents and creative potentials that are locked up within adults via a fun, supportive, and judgement free environment.




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