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Why a Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work for Some People

Posted by on 11:34 am in Food addiction recovery | 12 comments

Why a Plant Based Diet Doesn’t Work for Some People

(c) by Emily Boller


Plant based eating has made big waves in recent years.

The popular trend today is “going meatless.”

  • Going meatless for health
  • Going meatless on Mondays
  • Going meatless for a Lenten season
  • Going meatless to lose weight quickly
  • Going meatless to save the animals and the planet


Tomatoes Galore for $3.98

Posted by on 2:47 pm in nutrition | 2 comments

Three months ago I bought a couple packs of tomato seeds for $3.98.

I planted the seeds in trays of soil and then placed them in a window that faced the sun. Two weeks later, when they had sprouted to two inches tall, I transferred the seedlings to my garden. (more…)

Immediately After a Suicide (or Any Sudden Death)

Posted by on 8:26 pm in suicide bereavement | 2 comments

I’m posting the following writing on my blog, because unfortunately, I get asked frequently about how to help a family after a suicide. (My son died by suicide in 2012 at the age of 21.) 


The Powerful Freedom of Abstinence

Posted by on 3:07 pm in Food addiction recovery | 12 comments

I wrote the following post soon after losing one hundred pounds–way before I ever learned about the science of food addiction, dopamine receptors, and the addictive power of metabolic wastes.

Back then, I just knew from experience and many failures throughout the years that compromises (aka crossing boundary lines) didn’t work. The compromises always broke my resolve. But, I had no clue why. (more…)


Posted by on 10:11 pm in Food addiction recovery | 4 comments

In my first post, “Breaking the Silence,” I explained how I became a blogger who specialized in topics related to food addiction recovery — and then why I became silent.

Before I delve into how to escape food addiction, I want to introduce myself a bit more. (more…)

Breaking the Silence

Posted by on 7:18 pm in Food addiction recovery | 38 comments

100 - Copy


Today, I’m breaking the silence.

I was a weekly blogger for Joel Fuhrman, M.D. for nearly five years; and then in 2014, I just couldn’t write or speak publicly anymore. (more…)